BULLET JOURNAL / 17 easy ways to organize your holiday season

Every year around the holidays, I get so overwhelmed and excited that I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I get super ambitious about how many handmade gifts I can pull off, how many Christmas cards I can send out, etc. that this year I vowed I wouldn’t do that! By actually planning and mapping out some of the really important holiday stuff I need to focus on, I can be more effective and efficient (which means more time for relaxing).

FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE / november 4, 2016

I’ve already installed a Christmas Countdown app on my phone and let me be the first to inform you that as of today, there are only 51 days until Christmas. My favorite time of the year! I love doing so much this time of the year that I’ve decided to incorporate a Christmas planner into my bullet journal and I’ll admit I am waaaay too excited about it. I guess you could say I really like Christmas.

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE / october 7, 2016

Starting something new on the blog in the form of a weekly round-up of sorts, sharing things that I have been watching, reading, generally into, etc. I almost think this is something we should all be doing, considering how much inspiration I find through weird worm holes in the internet everyday. Don't we all?? This week's edition is mostly sort of creepy.