ART INSPIRATION / regine schumann

ART INSPIRATION / regine schumann

 The artist in front of  Colormirror Texture.

The artist in front of Colormirror Texture.

Regine Schumann makes the sort of art I want to live inside. Colorful, sleek, slick surfaces with bright light radiating out and off of different architectural-type forms. In depth information about her or her process seems difficult to come by. The most accurate description of her scuptures was found via De Buck Gallery in New York, which represents and shows her work. 

From their website:

Regine Schumann’s work is nothing less than a transcendental experience in light and color. 

Ranging from series of simple acrylic boxes to amalgamations of coiling tubes that spiral down from the ceiling, her sculptures are greatly influenced by architecture in their graceful forms and geometric precision. Schumann’s innovative use of materials and color combinations provides each work with a unique and ineffable luminosity. In daylight, the streamlined blending of transparent and opaque surfaces in each work interacts in a playful study of light and form.

Due to Schumann’s use of phosphorescent paint, under black light, her sculptures are transformed into glowing, mysterious objects that radiate through the darkness. Once the lights go out, suddenly colors are shift and surfaces seem to dissolve into nothingness, surrounded only by a glowing outline. In addition to her analysis of light, color, and surface, Regine Schumann’s work also references Minimalism’s interest in simplifying art to basic forms.

Her oeuvre consists of many compelling juxtapositions of circles and rectangles, dramatic linearity and dynamic curvilinear forms that are especially highlighted under the aura of black light. 
  Colormirror Rainbow Texture , 2014

Colormirror Rainbow Texture, 2014

  Colormirror Sunshine , 2015

Colormirror Sunshine, 2015

  Doubles , 2014

Doubles, 2014

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