LUTE 365 WEAVINGS / 201 - 300

LUTE 365 WEAVINGS / 201 - 300


I made it to Day 300.

It’s sort of hard to believe and sort of NOT hard to believe. At around Day 200 I realized just how varied my art could be. Day 100 was all about establishing the habit.

When I tell people I am past Day 300, they seem impressed.

Not that I assume they didn’t think I could pull it off, but more so that I actually did pull it off.

It has definitely become routine now.

I automatically wake up knowing I have to make some kind of “weaving” each day and just like brushing my teeth or tying my shoes, I complete it. Every day is still different.

Some days I feel major resistance, some days I can’t wait to get started.

Some days it takes hours. Some days I’m done in like 15 minutes (and I filmed a process video of it). Honestly, this is just life. A constant wave you ride, up and down.

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VIDEO / art supply thrift haul

VIDEO / art supply thrift haul

VIDEO / neon accordion book

VIDEO / neon accordion book