ART INSPIRATION / david stern

These images are the result of physically weaving together two photographic prints of the same subject. They are an attempt to bridge dignified, direct portraits with a sort of abstraction that allows their subjects to hide within themselves, and the photographs to be distinctly physical objects. In hiding some things, we reveal others.

PRODUCT / fire sunset tote bags

Like a phoenix rising and falling each morning and night, Father Sun burns brightly and leaves majestic fiery sunsets for the world to marvel at. Similarly, the internal fire of passion and love can be represented in one's own personal cycle of rest and rebirth, stronger each day and more focused on the path ahead.


VIDEO INSPIRATION / pendleton woolen mills

Next Wednesday, I'll be releasing a (very) limited run of two handwoven totes made from the wool scraps of Pendleton blankets. I acquired a few different colors of blanket scraps when I purchased my used Macomber floor loom along with tons of other rag rug weft. My first thought was not rugs, but tote bags. I love the look of rag rugs and I think the fabric would make wonderful, sturdy totes for everyday use. 

VIDEO INSPIRATION / how it's made: avl dobby looms

AVL Looms in Chico, California makes floor looms for both small scale and production weaving. They are most known for their dobby looms, which are computerized floor looms with a set number of harnesses. They are similar to a digital jacquard loom, but not as sophisticated a machine. Each thread is not individually controlled, as you still have different harnesses, but there is a great deal more design work available to you when working at 16 or 24 harnesses versus 4 or 8 on the standard floor loom.  

RESOURCES / textile magazines

Even with all of the endless sources of inspiration online these days, I still love thumbing through a gorgeous print magazine. It calms me, enables me to escape into its pages for an hour or so and truly appreciate textile work on a whole new level.  I love to collect textile magazines and honestly, I don't have enough. I wish I could subscribe to every single one, but as a niche publication tends to go, they can get quite pricey. That's why I am always on the lookout for back issues at thrift stores, used book stores, flea markets and occasionally eBay (if I'm looking for a particular issue). 

THE WEAVING KIND / october challenge - natural dyeing

Instagram has become my favorite place to meet fellow weavers. One of these awesome weavers, Sarah Neubert, has created a wonderful community with her monthly challenges via The Weaving Kind. 

The Weaving Kind releases a new assignment every month to challenge and push weavers creatively and technically in their work, while simultaneously exposing you to new artists and fellow weaving peers. Talk about inspiration overload! 

VIDEO INSPIRATION / mastercrafts - weaving

I was so incredibly moved to tears while watching this little documentary / UK television show called Mastercrafts, that focuses on different crafts each episode. The only one I watched was the weaving episode. Full disclosure, I'm an empath, so I tend to get really emotional when watching any sort of TV (also why I can't hardly watch anything scary, but I digress) so you may not be as "moved" by this as I was, but it really resonated with my path as an artist and as weaver. 

VIDEO INSPIRATION / sri threads' textile wonderland

Cool Hunting posted something recently that made me weak in the knees with textile envy. They profiled Stephen Szczepanek, owner of Sri Threads in Brooklyn, NY. Sri Threads is an incredible boutique featuring a vast array of Japanese and Indian textiles including indigo dyed, katazome, ikat, and of course, boro. Each piece is carefully sourced by Szczepanek to add to the boutique's collection. The video talks about some of the types of pieces he carries as well as his process behind finding these fiber relics. Watch and swoon, not only at the fabric, but also at the amazing (I assume) library of books behind him in the video. Perfect inspiration for a Monday.