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PRODUCT / fire sunset tote bags

Like a phoenix rising and falling each morning and night, Father Sun burns brightly and leaves majestic fiery sunsets for the world to marvel at. Similarly, the internal fire of passion and love can be represented in one's own personal cycle of rest and rebirth, stronger each day and more focused on the path ahead.


RESOURCES / textile magazines

Even with all of the endless sources of inspiration online these days, I still love thumbing through a gorgeous print magazine. It calms me, enables me to escape into its pages for an hour or so and truly appreciate textile work on a whole new level.  I love to collect textile magazines and honestly, I don't have enough. I wish I could subscribe to every single one, but as a niche publication tends to go, they can get quite pricey. That's why I am always on the lookout for back issues at thrift stores, used book stores, flea markets and occasionally eBay (if I'm looking for a particular issue).